Zeue's Page

Full-Stack, DevOps, & OSS Fanatic
+ Supporter of The Unlicense

Hey there! My name is Alex, known as Zeue online, welcome to my website! If you’re here, you either want to know more about me or just clicked on random links like a mad man.

On the off-chance that you’re here to learn more about me, I hope you’re ready to be disappointed! Because I haven’t finished this website yet, oof, but don’t fear as I have some more information down below. Be sure to also check out my social medias and code repositories in the bottom-right.


Kubernetes Docker Jenkins MySQL MongoDB Redis


Load Balancing L4 & L7 CI/CD Frameworks APIs RAW & RESTful VCS Git & SVN

Languages && Data Formats

PHP 7+ JavaScript ES6 Go 1.9+ Ruby 2+ Python 2.7 & 3+ Coffeescript HTML CSS LESS SASS C C++ C#/.NET Java JSON XML CSV

Frameworks && Libraries

Symfony 4.1+ Laravel 5.7+ React 15+ jQuery UnderscoreJS WordPress Vue 2+ Angular 2+ Ember 3+ Meteor Foundation 5+ NodeJS Ruby on Rails BootStrap 4+ Django 2+ Ionic PhoneGap Drupal